Pigmenta Art Print Lab's archival printing technology
ranks the Giclée Art Print with the more common,
traditional graphic techniques
such as etching, serigraphy and stone lithography.

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Our Studio Pigmenta Art Print Lab is Hungary's leading fine art printing studio. We provide personalized support to your fine art and photo printing needs, backed by more, than 30 years of experience. We provide solutions to our customers' needs with an art-loving approach, and state of the art technology. Wether the job is a piece of a fine art edition, or a whole exhibition, we will preserve the originality of your art, and add our knowledge and enthusiasm, to realize the best end-result possible.
You have found the right place for art printing, photo printing and giclée printing on archival and modern medias with fade-resistant inks in Budapest. You can order art print, acrylic print - we call Plexifoto® - or canvas print online with worldwide delivery.
We operate the only large format Cruse art scanner in Hungary, scanning paintings, drawings, graphic designs, maps or other large size two-dimensional items.

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  • Maurer Dóra


    Whenever I return to Pigmenta Studio with a new job I feel their friendly atmosphere. I look forward to meet them again. Tamás Szeklencei and his collegues not only do their printing job, but take part in creation and design of the prints working together with me. I can trust their quality which is comparable to the technical level of my previous etching works.

  • photographer in rainforest
    Sándor Zsila nature photographer

    Costa Rica

    I am often asked why I don't print my photos at home? I have many reasons to NOT print at home! The main reason is that I expect a print to be of a high standard that only a dedicated fine art printshop can deliver. That place is Pigmenta. I upload the files to their server and receive my pictures ready packed. I always take the package with confidence because I get what I expected. The staff at Pigmenta is fast, accurate, professional, confident, tolerant and friendly!

  • Photo printing
    László Erhardt

    Budapest, Hungary

    I'm picky, I don't trust my pictures to anyone. I only like to work with the best, because the success of my photos also depends on them. Years ago I first came to Tamás at Pigmenta with my pictures and I found the right place. I'm at the best place for photo printing, where professional knowledge is accompanied by conscience. I feel it is more now than a business partnership.

  • Adrián H.

    Budapest, Hungary

    Pigmenta was recommended in a forum topic for photographers - the subject was the importance of colour calibrated display. I`ve attended the Color Management training, where the mood was perfect, I`ve got the most information possible and all my questions answered, totally satisfying my needs. I`ve never met someone as prepared professionaly, as Tamás. Really, hats off. I`m a frequent visitor to printing houses, and in most cases, they are unprepared for colour management. While, in Pigmenta, there`s no question about their experience. Calibrated displays, appropriate 5000 Kelvin proof-lighting, Kelvin-indicator, so everything needed... I`ve watched the professional attitude with admiration :)

  • Kerekes István fotographer


    Pigmenta finished my photos perfect with professional competence.

  • Ildiko Olah painter

    I thank @artprintlab, the kindest, best-humored team, for the most professional quality paper and canvas prints of my pictures. Every brush stroke on the prints is so beautiful that touching it will confuse you, whether the print is textured or not.

  • Large size pictures
    Péter Lajtai

    Budapest, Hungary

    Despite their monumental size, my digital works are usually clearly visible on screen. These pieces of art become alive by Pigmenta Studio. Initially, I gave them my work with little anxiety, but I was never disappointed, on the contrary, I was surprised by the quality of printing at Pigmenta. This studio is an exceptional place and the staff are nice and friendly people. Their professionalism is unmatched in Hungary. Their equipments and technical background make their job very reliable. They finish my pictures with professional knowledge and remarkable cooperation.