Photo printing in Budapest, Large format photographic prints

We provide our professional photo printing service with archival pigment inkjet technology on selected quality paper materials and canvases. Our latest products are frameless pictures in line with today's trends: Plexifoto - the acrilyc facemount picture, Deep Water film and Art Satin film processes.

Large format glossy photo of Laszlo Erhardt. Frameless Deep Water film process in 180x130cm size.

Archival pigment inkjet print is the technique of modern photo printing

Current trends indicate that chemical photo prints are taking a back seat to prints made by inkjet technology. The current development for photo labs and minilabs intended for the public are moving to inkjet technology. In the market of large format printers, leading companies provide fade-resistant pigment based inks with 9 to 12 colours.

Giclée prints for Photographers

Giclee printing takes the printed art to a new level by offering a wide choice of quality artistic substrates at an affordable price: from canvas for portrait and fine art photographers to smooth archival 100% pure cotton papers for black and white images with a lot of permutations inbetween. Die hard silver gelatin fiber base photographs to the watercolor black and whites we print are met with incredulity. Papers such as the Photo Rag Metallic and the River Stone Rag represent the pinical of current giclee printing and equal or surpass conventional photo printing. The tonality, gradation and Dmax are so deep that they look like platinum prints.
Take a look at our full range of papers and canvases, you'll find the printing prices at medias' details.

Through our many photographic clients, we gain insight into the photography market and see customer trends. After the earlier success of stretched canvas pictures we see the biggest increase in sales of large format frameless photos. Buyers, either casual customers or dedicated collectors immediately recognize the beauty and intrinsic value of a modern extra photo product and a well crafted print on an archival substrate.

Under the Moon - photography by Imre Drégely. Black and white photo print on archival baryta photo paper, in box frame.

Consultation to achieve the best photographic print quality

Finished their post-production work (developing and editing images) photographers may need to discuss the technical aspects of printing with our experts. Just ask for an appointment to talk about the resolution, tonal range, colors, sizes of your images and to choose the best media for your photographic art. The result of these consultations sets the highest level of printing quality and ensures our customers' satisfaction.