Photo printing in Budapest, Large format photographic prints

We provide our professional photo printing service with archival pigment inkjet technology on selected quality paper materials and canvases. Our latest products are frameless pictures in line with today's trends: Plexifoto - the acrilyc facemount picture, Deep Water film and Art Satin film photo processes.

Large format glossy photo by Laszlo Erhardt. Frameless Deep Water film process in 180x130cm size.

Archival pigment inkjet print is the technique of modern photo printing

Current trends indicate that chemical photo prints are taking a back seat to prints made by inkjet technology. The current development for photo labs and minilabs intended for the public are moving to inkjet technology. In the market of large format printers, leading companies provide fade-resistant pigment based inks with 9 to 12 colours.

Giclée prints for Photographers

Giclee printing takes the printed art to a new level by offering a wide choice of quality artistic substrates at an affordable price: from canvas for portrait and fine art photographers to smooth archival 100% pure cotton papers for black and white images with a lot of permutations inbetween. Die hard silver gelatin fiber base photographs to the watercolor black and whites we print are met with incredulity. Papers such as the Photo Rag Metallic and the River Stone Rag represent the pinical of current giclee printing and equal or surpass conventional photo printing. The tonality, gradation and Dmax are so deep that they look like platinum prints.
Take a look at our full range of papers and canvases, you'll find the printing prices at medias' details.

Through our many photographic clients, we gain insight into the photography market and see customer trends. After the earlier success of stretched canvas pictures we see the biggest increase in sales of large format frameless photos. Buyers, either casual customers or dedicated collectors immediately recognize the beauty and intrinsic value of a modern extra photo product and a well crafted print on an archival substrate.

Under the Moon - photography by Imre Drégely. Black and white photo print on archival baryta photo paper, in box frame.

Consultation to achieve the best photographic print quality

Finished their post-production work (developing and editing images) photographers may need to discuss the technical aspects of printing with our experts. Just ask for an appointment to talk about the resolution, tonal range, colors, sizes of your images and to choose the best media for your photographic art. The result of these consultations sets the highest level of printing quality and ensures our customers' satisfaction.

Large size photo printing

Within a few years, the spread of digital photography led to the mass use of digital cameras and their increasing use in the field of art. Technical progress has also affected cameras and image processing equipment, including printers. For a long time, photographic enlargements were made by laser lighting a digital file on light-sensitive paper, and then processing it using analogue chemistry (C-print, Lambda, LightJet). That hybrid photographic technology has been gradually disappearing since the turn of the millennium, with only a few working machines left in the world today.

For both artistic photography and photography for its own sake, it is important to have a tangible image that can be hung on the wall, i.e. a photographic print, a photo print.

Some digital printers were already capable of printing photos in the 1990s. With inkjet technology, high resolution, wide colour gamut and good colour gamut - in short, excellent photo quality - can be achieved. Large format prints, including large format photographs, can be produced using the latest LFP (Large Format Printing) wide-roll art printers. With pigment-based inks, prints retain their colour for long periods without fading, and can be printed on archival materials with life expectancies of up to 100 years, meeting the ISO 9706 museum standard for durability.

Hypothesis: Everything is Leaf - © Dezső Tamás - Giclée fotó nyomat Photo Rag Baryta potópapíron

The benefits of archival inkjet photo printing:

• rapidly evolving technology, providing reliable and consistent quality
• scene-sharp visuals, huge colour gamut and beautifully rich nuanced detail
• fast preparation and accurate colour adjustment, resulting in fast prints
• make the same print from a digital photo at any time
• large sizes can be produced individually or in batches of multiple copies easily because we print on roll media
• choice of photo paper, canvas and special substrates
• wide range of photo papers: matt acid-free archival papers, RC - resin coated papers, baryta papers and metallic papers
• archival photographic prints are fade-resistant, do not change when exposed to UV radiation, are colour-fast and therefore have a life expectancy of over 100 years

Modern photo printing can be used to produce products and wall decorations:

The quality of the digitally produced photo print is excellent, and its large size and wide range of printing media are making it increasingly popular.
• large-scale decoration of homes, restaurants, offices - an effective tool for interior designers and decorators
• prints for children's photography, family events, weddings, company events
• classroom photos, graduation and other school report photos
• presentation photo folders, portfolios and exam works for photography students
• prints from digital files made by scanning film, slides and negatives
• prints of digital artwork, collage, montage, manipulated photographic works
• highly spectacular photographic enlargements of aerial photography, drone photography, nature photography and panoramic photography
• gallery and museum exhibits - reproductions to replace the original vintage artwork
• decoration of modern public spaces with Acrylic Photos, Plexi Pictures, Art Satin or Deep Water frameless wall decorations

Dodge Coronet, Cuba - © Szabolcs Haller - color photo print - Deep Water film frameless photo enlargement process

Photo printing is trendy and popular

Sharing photos taken with mobile phones on social networking sites is now so fashionable that millions of photos are taken every second around the world. We don't even keep most of the photos anymore, but we do want to show some of the good ones to others. Don't show your best photos on your mobile phone screen or monitor, make a photo print of them. The large size, the colours of the photo paper, the interesting surface and the richness of detail make for an incomparable experience. Collect your best photos, correct mistakes, brighten up colours and get them ready for print. Spend more time on your best photos, print them, put them in an album or archive (e.g. an acid-free box), so they'll be there for posterity even if, for example, your digital storage breaks down. Decorate your surroundings with your photos, we will have your prints mounted and framed, ready to hang on your wall at home, so that your favourite photo is also your wall decoration. A framed photo is one of the most beautiful gifts for any occasion.
We hope you're in the mood, choose the paper or canvas you like from the print menu, where you can also see the prices. Upload the files with your photos on the order page, write down your requests and what kind of product you want us to make from your photos. We will treat your photos with care and attention, and we offer short deadlines and reasonable prices. Learn about our workflow, our tecnology, contact us with confidence.