The simplest, yet very elegant way to display your art on the wall, is mounting.

It protects the print, and exhibits it in a clean, minimalist way, that lets the viewer concentrate on the work itself. Perfect for both photographic or fine art exhibitions, or as an everlasting piece of art in your home.
Mounting means to fix a print on board giving the artist many more display options than simply using frames. A well-designed combination of frame, mount, and mat forms part of the visual expression of a displayed print, separating it from its surroundings and giving it more visual weight.
Our mounted prints are also called unframed pictures. Thanks to many different hanging methods, the boards are flat, at a fixed distance from the wall, creating a floating effect.
We use gallery-quality boards, more kinds of PH Neutral adhesive mount films depending on the paper's structure, making it compatible with sensitive Fine Art papers. There are options to mount Fine Art canvases on boards, too. To receive fully archival picture product you can choose 100% acid-free process. We offer many choices for hanging, based on the size, weight and type of the picture. All our boards are very easy to frame too, please ask us about framing options if you are interested.

Unframed products:

Plexifoto® acrylic picture

Plexifoto®is our dedicated process for face mounting photo and art prints under acrylic glass. Because the print is mount to the acrylic glass, the result is a completely flat mount without air bubbles or smears. The edges of the acrylic board are diamond polished providing a mirror-like clear effect from the sides. To the back of the picture, we mount 3mm black Forex® board to seal it from any light from the backside. All Plexifoto® prints are equipped with an aluminium back-frame that allows the picture to be hanged 15mm from the wall. The frame is hidden and leaves the picture floating with a shadow frame on the wall. Read more at Plexifoto product page.
Size (max.): 1200 x 1800mm
Thickness: 8mm - 5mm Plexiglas® + 3mm Forex®
Hanging: aluminium hanger frame

Deep Water film and Art Satin film pictures

Deep Water and Art Satin pictures are beautiful ways of displaying contemporary photo and other printed arts, in a lasting, but non-archival way. Prints are made on high glossy film with archival pigment inks which then gets laminated with a liquid gloss or smooth satin finish. Laminate is a protective film that is applied onto the print minimising damage from scratching, UV rays and fingerprints. The laminates are easy to clean, too. Both finished pictures are mounted on Dibond (read more about the board and it's hanging options below).
Size (max.): 1500 x 3000mm
Thickness: 3mm Dibond®
Hanging: metal hangers or aluminium hanger frame

Boards for mounting:

Gatorfoam has been discontinued in Europe. Please choose from the following boards.

Dibond® board (or aluminium composite board) is perfect for archival unframed pictures and large size print mounting. This material is composed of a dark plastic core with a thin layer of aluminium coated on each side. Dibond is the best archival mounting solution and the only option for very large pieces or touring exhibitions.
Size (max.): 1500 x 3000mm
Thickness: 3mm
Color: silver (anodized aluminium)
Hanging: metal hangers or aluminium hanger frame

KAPA Plast® foamboard is a lightweight yet economical alternative of our archival boards. We advise to use it in small sizes, for framed pictures and for short time exhibitions. KAPA Plast has a subtle structure with gray polyurethane core and two synthetic-coated paper layers on top. KAPA Plast mounts are easy to hang with foamboard hanger. Ideal as art captions in small sizes: just stick to the wall with blue tack or white tack.
Size (max.): 1000 x 1400mm
Thickness: 5mm
Color: white (gray core)
Hanging: foamboard hanger - blue or white tack for captions