For starters

For the first time, we tell everyone to come to our studio, and look around. We have samples of all our materials, and it is also easier to go over all your questions, and explain everything in person. You don’t need to get an appointment, just walk in monday to friday between 9-17, at Amerikai út 56, Budapest’s 14th district.

If you can’t come in, have a look at our printing page. Also, we try answering every possible question on our Q&A page. If you still can’t choose, just order a few A4-s of different materials, as a sample pack.

You don’t have to come in to our studio, just use the ordering page or send us the files in e-mail. We use and advise the free service of

Please detail your order, state your phone number and name - so we can process your order. In case you need your order shipped, please ask us for a delivery quote. (Find out more about shipping here.)

Making art prints needs special care - our deadlines are set so we can make the highest quality, as fast as possible. But we can’t do anything on the spot, or quicker than that. Please before submitting your order, keep the following times in mind:
• simple paper or canvas print: minimum 3 working days
• mounted print: 4-5 working days
• stretched canvas print: 4-5 working days
• special prints (acrylic picture, deep water, framed or very big sizes): 6-8 working days

First of all, your file should have at least 100 dpi resolution on the desired print size.

It is also very important, that your file has an embedded color profile (preferably AdobeRGB or ProPhotoRGB).

If your file doesn’t have a color profile, or your working screen isn’t calibrated, the image you see on your screen could end up very different in print. (Read more about color management here)

We prefer .tif, but you can send all kinds of files, but .png .pdf .jpg are also fine.

Please set your files ready to print, with the color, size, and proportion you need. It is our strict policy not to make any changes to the files by default (just if you specifically ask for it).

All our materials come in rolls, we do not have pre-cut sheets. This means, that we don’t have any restrictions or standard sizes, you can order any size down to a millimeter.

Our minimum size is A4, under that we only take orders in very big quantities. For stretched canvas prints, the minimum size is 30x30cm.

On our printing page, you can find the maximum roll size of each material as a sticker. The length there means the maximum shorter side size (mostly 110 or 150cm).

For our mounted or special finishing methods, the max sizes are the following:
• Gatorfoam: 120x240 cm
• Dibond: 150x300 cm
• Stretched canvas: 140x300 cm
• Deep Water: 140x300 cm
• Acrylic picture: 140x200 cm

If you pick your order up in our studio, you can pay by cash (HUF) or card.

If you order with delivery, you can pay with card by Simple Pay link, via Paypal, or by bank transfer in advance. Ask for Pro forma invoice.

Sure, we ship worldwide with our partner, FedEx. Please send us your address with your order, and we'll give you a quote together with shipping. We don't have shipping cost estimates, as the prices can vary heavily from a small difference in size, or your location.