Protecting prints

Protecting Paper prints

Hahnemühle Protective Spray

Protective spray for fineart inkjet prints by Hahnemühle.
Manually applied liquid coating. The coating layer is invisible after drying. Coating makes matte or satin papers resistant against scratches, fingerprints.
Seals surface water resistant.
• invisible - surface appearance unaffected
• thin layer
• instant dry
• non-yellowing
• UV-resistant

Protecting Canvas Prints

Breathing Color Timeless Satin Varnish

Manually applied liquid varnish by Breathing Color.
The protective varnish may affect the picture`s tonal look and brightness. Please consult our support before ordering varnished canvas prints.
Varnishing makes the canvas print water-resistant, saves it`s surface against scratches and fingerprints.
• matt, satin or glossy finish
• drying requires 24 hours
• water-resistant
• UV-resistant